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Magic of Christmas

Farmville the Magazine

Discovering the magic of Christmas, one tree at a time

It seems everyone knows the story of Charlie Brown making his way to a practically deserted Christmas tree ...

Luminary Trinity Memorial

Farmville the Magazine

Upcoming luminary at Trinity Memorial is a celebration of life

As we head into the Christmas season, it’s a time to celebrate life. And one luminary program coming ...

Kimbrough Model Train

Farmville the Magazine

Kimbrough model train world on-track for another holiday season

There was a time when Christmas wasn’t complete until you made a pilgrimage to Bevell’s Hardware in Blackstone ...

Wonderful World

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Cumberland Elementary students show off our ‘Wonderful World’

In October, Cumberland County Elementary School students let their “Imagination Take Flight” to decorate the entryway of the ...

tough times to Better Days


Better Days offers help in tough times for Farmville, region

Better Days Farmville has supported families and individuals in crisis since January 2022, and they have no plans ...

Holliday Creek

Farmville the Magazine

From The Archive: In 1837, they found gold in Holliday Creek

In 1837, you didn’t have to go to California to strike gold. All you’d have had to do ...

Davis GMC

Farmville the Magazine

Meet the man behind Davis GMC: Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis and his family have been a staple in Farmville for generations, providing reliable vehicles at Davis ...

Farmville the Magazine

The History of Prince Edward County Courthouse

Editor’s note: Farmville-Prince Edward Historical Society President Jimmy Hurt presented a program on the history of the Prince ...

La Parota

Farmville the Magazine

Food for thought — La Parota is a constant community favorite

Imagine walking in the doors of a modest Mexican restaurant off of South Main Street. You’re greeted by ...

Farmville the Magazine

Farmville artisans create memories with their crafts

If you look it up in the dictionary, Merriam-Webster defines a craftsman as “a person who makes beautiful ...

Historic Homes of High Street

Farmville the Magazine

Historic Homes of High Street: The 700 block

The Farmville-Prince Edward Historical Society recently held a meeting at Farmville Train Station where Jimmy Hurt and Caroline ...

Farmville the Magazine

Serving It Up — Creamy tomato soup with homemade vegetable stock

It’s that wonderful time of year again in which the days are shorter, colder and we can’t wait ...

Jerry Todt

Farmville the Magazine

A Farmville author creates his own Christmas miracle

During the winter season in Farmville, you likely get to spend some time with family around your fireplace, ...

Farmville the Magazine

The lights go up in Farmville

It’s still somewhat of a new tradition in Farmville. Music plays, a switch is flipped and the lights ...

Farmville the Magazine

From the Ground Up — Unsung heroes of the winter garden

As Sir Francis Bacon wrote in his essay on gardens, “There ought to be gardens for all months ...

Farmville the Magazine

Editor’s Notebook — Christmas is about community

It’s not about the presents, although I’ve never turned one down. It’s also not about the decorations, although ...

Lions Club Shrimp Fest

Farmville the Magazine

Farmville Lions Club finds a mouthwatering new way to serve

The Farmville Lion’s Club has served the town for almost 100 years. This year, the club found a ...

Farmville United Methodist Church’s Rev. Susie Thomas visits with a dog at the blessing of the animals.

Farmville the Magazine

A blessing offered to furry family members

The first ceremony happened in 1210. No, that date isn’t wrong. St. Francis of Assisi first blessed animals ...

Farmville the Magazine

Historic Homes of High Street: The 600 block

The Farmville-Prince Edward Historical Society recently held a meeting at Farmville Train Station where Kay Whitfield and Caroline ...

Farmville the Magazine

Why I Love Farmville — Doug Stanley

Prince Edward County Administrator Doug Stanley joins us this month to share some of his favorite memories about ...

Farmville the Magazine

Serving It Up — Thanksgiving fettuccine alfredo

It’s November, meaning many of us will soon be stuffing our face with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce ...

Farmville the Magazine

Publisher’s Notebook — We serve

The Farmville Lions Club is just one of the many service clubs in our area that are near ...

Farmville the Magazine

From the Ground Up — Green on Green: A classic, low maintenance garden design

Traditional gardening has always been about wrestling nature into submission, an approach that’s labor intensive and somewhat like ...

Wildflower meadows

Farmville the Magazine

From the Ground Up: Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows have been an important feature of the British landscape for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, they didn’t ...

Farmville the Magazine

Halloween hors d’oeuvres

Mummy jalapeño poppers and witch’s eye meatballs When I was a little girl, Halloween was my absolute favorite holiday. ...

Farmville the Magazine

From the ground up — The Joys of a Simple Garden

Farmville is blessed with many talented gardeners. Explore the various neighborhoods, and you’ll find English kitchen gardens with ...

Farmville the Magazine

Ridge Animal Hospital: Taking care of Farmville’s pets since 1978

By Ireland Seagle Farmville the Magazine Did you know the veterinarians and veterinary assistants at Ridge Animal Hospital ...

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