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Tommy Wright: Put down those phones

Virginia students might be in for a new adjustment when they attend schools. House Bill 882 came before ...

Cumberland books Cumberland Library Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson: I can’t find it, but it’s all there, somewhere

We’ve all got some. C’mon, let’s be honest now. There are places in your house where things just ...

Farmville affordable housing


From the Editor’s Desk: Let’s talk about the dreaded ‘A’ word

Ok, so the headline is a bit of a tease. I can think of plenty ‘a’ words that ...


Tammy Mulchi: Crossover is finally here

After weeks of hard work, we have finally crossed the halfway point in the General Assembly. But make ...


Edward Strickler: ‘The mystery of the forlorn photos’

In my earlier column, you might remember I mentioned trash that my husband and I found around the ...

Prince Edward County schools school board


From the Editor’s Desk: Better schools don’t just benefit families

The man was more than a little irritated. After we published my story about the Prince Edward sales ...

Moton Museum


Moton Museum: Barbara Johns had something to say…and so do we

Happy Black History Month from the Moton Museum. We anticipate a very busy month here at Moton. Make ...


Mike Wilson: It’s that time of year again

I shot my first deer as an adult in Virginia about 35 years ago. Here’s a story of ...


Tammy Mulchi: I want everyone to get a world-class education

The General Assembly continues to move along. Bills are passing out of the Senate and moving to the ...


Letter: We should make our own decisions, not Richmond

Dear Editor,  I am writing because I am concerned about the article written in The Herald about what ...


Tammy Mulchi: Things are moving fast in Richmond

The General Assembly is now in high gear. Committees are meeting and hundreds of bills are being considered. ...

Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: We have to do better

Dear Editor,  In my three years in Prince Edward, I have learned how important tourism is to this ...


Mike Wilson: I can still taste the hoop cheese

One of my most prized possessions is a watercolor painted behind my back some years ago by an ...

Letter to the Editor New Year President's List HB636


Letter to the Editor: HB636 needs to be dismantled

Let’s talk about HB636. Not long ago, the government tried to pass laws in Virginia to take control ...

Prince Edward Elementary crisis plan


Letter to the Editor: Renovations are needed in Prince Edward

In your Dec. 22 edition of The Farmville Herald, I read two letters to the editor criticizing the ...



Edward Strickler: Farmville deals with ‘the case of the telltale litter’

There is a lot of litter around Farmville. Maybe most people don’t ‘see’ it. But once my husband ...

Farmville Pride


Farmville Pride: Here’s why we need this in Central Virginia

Let’s talk about Farmville Pride. My life consists of eighteen years growing up and coming of age in ...

Hampden-Sydney College fictive kinship


Mike Wilson: Of fictive kinship, Hampden-Sydney and an old legend

After I lectured to a Hispanic culture class at Hampden-Sydney College about the profound importance of “fictive kinship” ...


Tammy Mulchi: A look at my first week in the Assembly

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of columns from newly elected Virginia State Sen. Tammy ...

Cumberland Prince Edward


From The Editor’s Desk: If Prince Edward doesn’t grow, stores won’t come

Promises alone won’t attract companies. I know that’s not what some people want to hear, but if you ...


Dr. Quentin Johnson: Appreciation for Law Enforcement Officials

Communities across the country participated in National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9. Although the observance sets ...



Mike Wilson: Time to tell the story of Big Bob & Hampden-Sydney

It was with considerable distress that I recently discovered in a Christmas card from an old friend that ...

Prince Edward County Cumberland County sales tax bill


From the Editor’s Desk: Forget Target, we’re just not there yet

There are some things people don’t want to hear. Nobody wants to be told they’re not good enough ...


Tommy Wright: State of the Commonwealth

Wednesday, Jan. 10 was the opening day of the 2024 Virginia General Assembly Session, and we’re going to ...


Tommy Wright: Let’s get ready to rumble

It’s almost time. The 2024 General Assembly Session opens on Wednesday, January 10th at noon. While we won’t ...

Moton Museum


Cainan Townsend: Moton Museum will be making history again

Happy New Year from the Moton Museum. As 2023 ended, we had much to be grateful for. Now ...


Mike Wilson: I have no regrets

Thinking back across the decades as we go through another January, I am struck by the thought that ...

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