Letter: Some words for our state delegate

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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Dear Editor,

You can consider this an open letter to Mr. Tommy Wright. Mr Wright, it has been about 50 years since I took Civics in high school. This was a required course for graduation, one that focused on the U.S. government and how it was envisioned to function. I loved that course, and if I had gone to college, I probably would have made it a focus. With that said, I must assume by your never-ending diatribe published in The Herald, against some of your constituents, (who lean democratic in their opinions), that you have no clue what your job is. So let me use my memory of high school Civics and attempt to explain it to you.

My fellow constituents and I are charged with agreeing or disagreeing on matters. That is our right and duty as members of this Republic. For those issues upon which we disagree, that is where your role comes into play. Your job Mr. Wright, simply stated, is to find the middle ground, and while we, your constituents, Republican and Democrat, may not be ecstatic with whatever compromises are made, we can live with the result.

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Mr. Wright, do your job and we will do ours. Quit the bashing and get to work, making all our lives better and making the state of Virginia the wonderful place it is to live.

John Moone