Letter: Our republic has evolved

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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Dear Editor,

With the election only four months away, I have been waiting for a political discourse but the only thing in print was a letter from Trudy Berry on May 1, pushing a narrative about a slow revolutionary return to our “original moorings,” being planned by the Heritage Foundation (bipartisan). Ms. Berry denounced any plan to return to the conservative values, upon which we were founded.

She claims that state legislatures and the Supreme Court are anti-rights and anti-freedom. She accuses them of banning books (like pornographic materials in our schools?) abortions (back to the people of the states to decide, not the federal government). Contraceptives? They are still readily available and are meant to prevent, not terminate a pregnancy. She further claims that the Democrats will save us from returning to “a time when only white male property owners held all the rights.” Such language is insulting to my intelligence and yours and blatantly ridiculous.

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Our constitutional republic has evolved over nearly 250 years and laws have been passed to help insure our freedoms. The only attacks on our freedoms emanate from her party. They have led us to the brink. Every action is steered toward making us a third-rate socialist country. They seek to rule us Deplorables. They believe we are incapable of ruling ourselves. If we allow the current chaos to continue, then perhaps they are right about us.

Do your own research of both liberal and conservative media and make an informed decision in November. We either return to the founding principles or we concede our constitutional republic to a deluded, woke mob that will destroy the freest nation that ever existed.

Lucy Klaus