Letter to the Editor: It’s time for Bob Good to concede

Published 10:23 pm Friday, June 28, 2024

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There are some things just truly bizarre to me. One of them is how an elected official can win multiple precincts, then declare there needs to be a recount. To do what? Hope that he’ll win by a larger margin? Of course I refer to Bob Good. As The Herald mentioned earlier this week, and detailed just how odd his claims were, Bob appears determined to call for a recount in his race. That is, unless he files a legal challenge to stop it from being certified first. 

Here’s the thing. I have never heard of any recount in a race this large causing the result to flip. It looks more like someone’s hoping to ‘just find’ hundreds of ballots that just accidentally never got counted, ones that I’m sure are completely legal in every way. For anyone who wasn’t sure, yes, that was sarcasm. And to be clear, that’s not to say there’s not sketchy things happening in Lynchburg. But again, Good won that precinct. Does he expect a recount to double his winning total there? Triple it? I strongly doubt there’s nearly 400 votes just sitting around somewhere, enough to overturn the election result. He filed, he campaigned and he lost. Now it’s time for Bob to concede. 

Then maybe he can start asking himself why exactly it is that he lost and consider if he needs to make some changes. There are, after all, plenty of reasons why many conservatives in the 5th District aren’t huge fans. 

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Paul Xavier

Prince Edward