Farmville Pride: Pride Month was about more than flags or parades

Published 12:30 pm Monday, July 8, 2024

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Pride Month

McKayla Moxcey

As a 20-year-old bisexual woman figuring out college life, Pride Month held great significance for me. It’s more than just a rainbow flag or a parade — it’s about embracing who I am, celebrating diversity, and being able to advocate for a world where everyone can live authentically without fear of discrimination.

The LGBTQ+ community includes a diverse range of sexual orientations and gender identities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning individuals and so many more. This community has a rich history and continues to contribute to societal progress and the fight for equal rights. Each identity within the LGBTQ+ spectrum is unique and deserves recognition and respect.

Pride Month is a time for visibility and empowerment, but once pride month is over, I am still full of pride. For me, it’s about embracing my identity without reservation and shame. Coming to terms with my bisexuality hasn’t been easy in a society that often invalidates or oversimplifies non-heterosexual identities. It’s about breaking free from stereotypes and misconceptions, and asserting that my sexuality is an important, beautiful part of who I am.

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As a bisexual woman, I’ve experienced the erasure and invisibility that often accompanies being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Bisexuality is often misunderstood and dismissed as a phase, and bisexual individuals may feel pressured to conform to binary expectations of sexuality. We need to challenge these stereotypes and affirm the validity of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

In college, I’ve found a community that accepts me and celebrates diversity. However, this acceptance isn’t universal. Many LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination, rejection, and violence simply for being who they are. This Pride Month, we amplified our voices and continue to advocate for equality and respect for all identities, but it doesn’t stop after this one month.

Farmville Pride is about advocacy

Pride is also about advocacy and activism. It’s about standing up against policies and attitudes that perpetuate discrimination and inequality. It’s about fighting for comprehensive LGBTQ+ inclusive education, healthcare, and workplace protections. We must continue to push for legislative change that protects the rights of all LGBTQ+ individuals.

We can celebrate progress while acknowledging the work that remains. It’s about standing together as a community – loud, proud, and unapologetically ourselves. I am committed to living authentically and advocating for a future where every LGBTQ+ person can do the same without fear. Together, let’s continue marching forward towards a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Join Farmville Pride every third Saturday of the month at Three Roads! And look for our Maker’s Workshops and ShopTalks series and many other events and initiatives. We’d love to see you there.

MCKAYLA MOXCEY is the Farmville Pride summer communications intern. As a communication studies major at Longwood University, she is interested and works on video production and storytelling. She can be reached at