Meet the man behind Davis GMC: Wayne Davis

Published 6:31 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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Wayne Davis and his family have been a staple in Farmville for generations, providing reliable vehicles at Davis GMC and running a cattle farm. In the last year, Davis has stepped up as owner and CEO of the business. He’s excited to continue bringing great cars, trucks and more to people in the area, while also working hard to balance the dealership with the responsibilities of his farm. 

Farmville the Magazine got a chance to chat with Davis to learn a bit about his life and what he loves about Farmville.

Davis GMC

(Photo by Connor Thompson)


Davis GMC has been in the Davis family since the 1950s, and Wayne Davis himself has been working there in some capacity for the last 45 years. While he hasn’t been CEO for too long, it’s safe to say he’s incredibly experienced at the car dealership. He explained that over time, the company has grown in great ways. He said, “It’s changed completely. Everything’s all computerized. When I first started doing it, it was all on paper and then you’d mail any information to them.” 

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When Davis was growing up, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to take on the business, but in his 20s he realized that he wanted to carry it on and began learning everything that he could, “I decided not to go to college and said, ‘I’ll learn from my dad.’ And that’s what I did.” Davis is now proud to say those years of training and hard work paid off, and Davis GMC is in a great spot. 

Davis said the reason he’s loved and been part of the business for so long is “the people… and getting to take care of (the community).” 


Along with Davis GMC, Davis said he thinks Farmville has “changed for the better” over the years, “There’s a lot of new businesses and restaurants…it’s grown quite a bit.” 

All the time, Davis will see people’s kids, or even their grandkids, coming in looking for cars. Serving generations over time has created a real sense of community at Davis GMC. In fact, his entire business is run through referrals and “word of mouth”, showcasing the trust the community has built in him over the years. He works in different areas too, with people ordering vehicles all the way from Pennsylvania and other states. 

While Davis loves selling quality cars and working with all of his loyal customers, it’s not the only thing that keeps Davis busy. He is also proud to be a farmer.

Davis GMC


Davis picked up on farming from his dad, who sadly passed away in 2009. Since then, Davis’ love for the hobby has only grown. While he wasn’t born into the farming world, over time he has learned quite a bit, “A lot of our customers (at Davis GMC) are farmers, loggers, and construction guys. On a rainy day, they just talk because they can’t work. That’s where I picked up on it, and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s rewarding.”

He loves the slow-paced nature of the farm and enjoys the tranquility of working with his own two hands. In recent years, though, they’ve decided to go computerized. They plan to be fully operating on computers in the next month. He said, “It’ll be a big transition, but we’ll get through it.” 

Davis explained that, even though he operates in two very different industries, a lot of the skills he uses are the same. Learning good communication skills has helped him in many ways and is one of the reasons his business, and his farm, flourishes. 

Both jobs, he explained, are “quite rewarding.”

He loves how his jobs are different too, allowing him to take a break from the office and enjoy nature. 

Over time, he’s loved being in Farmville and experiencing every part of it. From the great people to the slow-paced lifestyle he chose, he wouldn’t change a thing. “It’s a great place for kids, especially the farm,” he said. 

His goal in working with the community is to “help people the most he can” by providing fair service and cars, so that people feel like the quality matches what they paid for. Frequently, Davis GMC will also work with people who have trouble financing the vehicle they want. 

Many years ago, Davis’ parents decided to settle into Farmville, and now, Davis could not be more grateful to call this town his home.