Farmville Fit building has new owner, new plan

Published 10:10 pm Saturday, October 8, 2022

FARMVILLE – When you drive by 1004 E. Third Street in Farmville, there’s a new tenant inside. Instead of the familiar Farmville Fit, the Southside Virginia Family YMCA owns the property now. But why did they purchase the building and what are their plans for it? We spoke with YMCA Family Center Director Josh Gravette to get answers to those and other questions, including how it will work alongside the YMCA’s current programs. 

Gravette said the former Farmville Fit building, which will now be known as a YMCA Fit Life Studio, is meant to focus on what he calls functional movement. 

“Functional movement is a general term that describes the day-to-day movements we encounter in everyday life, such as pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, bending, climbing, walking, and running,” Gravette said. “By incorporating strength training and cardiovascular elements, functional fitness is a training style that focuses on building strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance through all of those movements — and more — so that every participant is ready to navigate their day-to-day, whatever it may hold.”

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Fit Life Studio had a recent “soft” opening, but will have its grand opening at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 8. Gravette said he hopes this new facility will help the Farmville community.

“Through this new facility the YMCA will be able to continue to serve the community and help people reach their fitness goals. These classes will serve the community by offering classes for all fitness levels. This is a great opportunity for people to try something new, meet new friends, and build together!”


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