'What's Bugging You' Program At Bear Creek

Published 3:01 pm Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Have you ever wondered about how to control those pesky mosquitoes? What can you do to encourage insectivores that live around your house to eat them? By the way, what is an insectivore?
Come to Bear Creek Lake State Park at 6 p.m. on July 25, to find out. Americorps volunteer Melissa Meinhard will be presenting the program, “Oh My, Insectivores!”

This will be a chance to investigate the various insectivores that live in our environment and how to encourage them to work for us. Ms. Meinhard graduated from Longwood University with a degree in biology, and is currently attending graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a Cumberland resident who has spent years studying the flora and fauna of Southside Virginia.

Parking and admission for this event will be free of charge. For further information, call 804-492-4410 or email bearcreek@dcr.virginia.gov

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