Golden Glow Award

Published 2:38 pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did you hear the news? That man-of-mine is in the running for this year's Golden Glow Awards. One of Santa's itty-bitty elves made the official announcement when he whispered the glad tidings in my ear last night.

That little elf, who obviously had garlic bread with his spaghetti at our local pizzeria, wouldn't stop talking about how great the yard looked. Yep, he said he loved the mixture of colored and white lights. And, he truly was moved that the hubby shelled-out some of his retirement savings for LED lights. “That global warming thing makes me nervous,” confessed the tiny North Pole resident.

Obviously a true patriot, the little fella, the elf not the hubby, was especially thrilled with the red, white, and blue Christmas tree. He added that he thought its pairing with the American Flag display lighting the side of the tractor shed was most effective.

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Of course, he did wonder why that man-of-mine didn't follow through with his plans to have a lighted snowman sledding down the hillside next to the driveway. “He talked about using racing lights for special effects,” noted the big-eared elf. “What happened to that idea?”

As he fluffed my pillow with a few stomps of his curled-toed shoes, the small guy shared, “But, I love the little manger scene. I'm so glad he continues to use that each year.” He paused and reflected, “Cause, as they say, HE is the reason for the season.”

After reminding me that I'd better get the tree decorated because there's only a few days left before the big day, the mini-man summoned what appeared to be about a half-herd of miniature reindeer. The elf mumbled something about them vying for a spot on The Voice but they agreed to forego the audition to help him with his announcement of this very special nominee for the Golden Glow Awards.

The song, which they sang to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, went something like this:

Hubby, the tool-belted handyman,

Had a very shiny yard.

And if you ever saw it

You would be caught off-guard.

All of the other bright guys

Used to laugh and put him to shame

They never let poor hubby

Join in any yardscape games.

Then one foggy winter's eve

That man-of-hers did say

Honey won't you come outside

And see how night is da-aaa-ay.

Then how the wife did love him

As their hillside glowed so bright

She even tried to hug him

But he wanted to hang one more light!

From our glowing hillside to yours, may your Christmas truly be Merry and Bright. Reckon there's any chance that bonus check will cover the electric bill for all those lights? KNOTT MUCH.