Just Waiting

Published 4:30 pm Thursday, September 2, 2010

I was adding a few things to the drawer downstairs where all of our column heads are located and there it was… It was staring right at me and calling my name…

I had forgotten…

It was my “On Megan's Mind” graphic and the little girl was there too in her rain suit and boots-thank goodness Earl is just going to blow right on by and we won't have to be using those for real this time but there's a few lined up behind him that might not leave us so lucky.

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“Oh no, it's my week!” I gasped downstairs.

If you work around here you are accustomed to deadlines and live your life on a Tuesday, Thursday schedule. Throw in there that every third week my column rolls around because, as you know, I share this space with a few other ladies and even the most organized (me) person can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

I usually have these things done days in advance. It's just my nature.

But here I am at the 12th hour trying to come up with something witty or meaningful or whatever.


At this point, anything would suffice.

But, there's nothing.

Maybe it's churning on the waves of Earl or docked along with a ship taking cover and I'm just left waiting.

Wherever the idea is it's run off and left me with nothing.

I'm dry as a bone…

If I was a pitcher and I had just pitched one inning longer than I should have before the coach made the call to the bullpen, they'd be sticking a fork in me.

I'm done.

I should be on the pine pony resting…

But, instead, I'm here left stranded at my desk waiting for a sign, signal, light, or rolling dust bunny.

There's got to be a little inspiration in this building somewhere.

Nope, I'm not feeling it.

Maybe it's gone along with my taken up parking space for the last two weeks.

The students are back and so is the over-crowded parking lot.

I feel like I'm a traveling something some days. I get here and take a gamble every morning when I make the bend in search of a space.

Not my space of course-that's being kept warm by one or sometimes two cars.

Maybe I should leave a note on their windshield this afternoon (in addition to the others that have been left already) and ask them if they also took my column idea?

Oh, wait a minute, that's it.

I can't work in these conditions.

I need my spot- it's my mojo.

Without my spot, I can't complete this column…

So this is it.

This is all you're getting.

If you need me I'll be waiting on my spot…