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Tommy Wright: Put down those phones

Virginia students might be in for a new adjustment when they attend schools. House Bill 882 came before ...

Cumberland books Cumberland Library Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson: I can’t find it, but it’s all there, somewhere

We’ve all got some. C’mon, let’s be honest now. There are places in your house where things just ...

Moton Museum


Moton Museum: Barbara Johns had something to say…and so do we

Happy Black History Month from the Moton Museum. We anticipate a very busy month here at Moton. Make ...


Mike Wilson: It’s that time of year again

I shot my first deer as an adult in Virginia about 35 years ago. Here’s a story of ...


Mike Wilson: I can still taste the hoop cheese

One of my most prized possessions is a watercolor painted behind my back some years ago by an ...



Edward Strickler: Farmville deals with ‘the case of the telltale litter’

There is a lot of litter around Farmville. Maybe most people don’t ‘see’ it. But once my husband ...

Farmville Pride


Farmville Pride: Here’s why we need this in Central Virginia

Let’s talk about Farmville Pride. My life consists of eighteen years growing up and coming of age in ...


Tammy Mulchi: A look at my first week in the Assembly

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of columns from newly elected Virginia State Sen. Tammy ...


Dr. Quentin Johnson: Appreciation for Law Enforcement Officials

Communities across the country participated in National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9. Although the observance sets ...

Letter to the Editor New Year President's List HB636


Mike Wilson: It’s a New Year, but I’m learning the same lessons

Well, we’re entering a new year, but somehow I’m still learning the same old lessons. I killed my ...


Tom Noehren: Making the case for electing a Kennedy

Ballot access wasn’t the intended topic for this, but recent events couldn’t be ignored.  Almost every state in ...

Prince Edward schools Farmville Pride


Farmville Pride: Give the gift of love and acceptance

Meagan Irving is writing this month’s column for Farmville Pride. The holidays are amongst us and for many, ...


Kayla Williams: So, what exactly do I do?

Respiratory season is in full force. How do I know? Since Friday, Dec. 15, I have received close ...


Tommy Wright: As the political year winds down…

As we enter the final weeks of 2023, the political year is winding down as well. Governor Youngkin ...


Quentin Johnson: Working with our first college-wide SGA

During my college years, I served on the Student Activities Board, an organization that worked closely with the ...

buck fever Mike Wilson


Mike Wilson: Oh, he will be back …. and so will I

I suppose I am sometimes viewed as “portly” by those with enriched active vocabularies. Accordingly, my chest waders ...


Dr. Quentin R. Johnson: Early college classes can be a benefit

The U.S. Department of Education reports that students who earn college credits before high school graduation reap numerous ...

On The Road Hampden-Sydney


Mike Wilson: A grand sweep, thanks to Hampden-Sydney

Back when our girls were small, my teaching schedule at Hampden-Sydney College allowed us to make a grand ...


Dove Standley: Thoughts on resilience, authenticity, neighbors and support

On Nov. 20 every year, we observe Transgender Day of Remembrance. The week preceding is Transgender Awareness Week. ...


Mike Wilson: Make mine a redhead

If zipping along in the dark at 26 knots in 25 degree temperatures and 20 knot winds in ...


Frank Ruff: Marijuana law needs more work

Editor’s Note: After last week’s Q & A, State Sen. Frank Ruff wanted to add a bit more ...


Trudy Berry: Marijuana legislation is not perfect

Editor’s Note: After last week’s Q & A, State Sen. Frank Ruff wanted to add a bit more ...


Hanna Bailey: LGBTQ+ History Month is for Lovers

The phrase “Virginia is for Lovers,” became Virginia’s motto in 1969. Some 400 miles away in New York, ...

The Word Israel Book of Ruth from one degree of glory

Church & Community

Rev. Peter Smith: Where was God during Hamas attacks in Israel?

Honestly, I had not planned to write about this, but the Hamas attack on Israel dictated otherwise.  Already, ...

Briery Creek


Mike Wilson: A story to tell about Briery Creek

When the Briery Creek Wildlife Management Area, featuring hundreds of acres of flooded timber for bass fishing and ...


CARL RIDEN: Don’t force others to be who you want

“You need to treat me like a person,” I said to my mother. Even at age seven, I ...

Prince Edward County schools


Josh Blakely: A celebration of the future of Prince Edward County

Editor’s note: This is a special guest column, focused on the recent decision to move forward with a ...

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