One last tax deadline looms in Cumberland County

Published 8:46 pm Sunday, December 10, 2023

For Cumberland County residents who haven’t paid their taxes yet, there is only a little over a week to get that payment in and avoid added penalties. 

The original due dates for real estate taxes are split between June 15 and Nov. 15 with personal property taxes due on Nov. 15 as well. Now, Cumberland residents who missed these previous deadlines have one more chance to pay by Wednesday, Dec. 20 to avoid more penalties. 

Late payments after the deadline have a one-time 10% penalty on them that goes into effect the day after. After this penalty, interest will start with each month. 

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“At the beginning of each month, any outstanding payments will have interest added,” said Deputy Treasurer Tammy Brown.

Those needing to pay should have received a delinquent notice in the mail in the fall with their total. Anyone who may have outstanding payments didn’t receive one or would like more information can call the treasurer’s office at 804-492-4297. 

For those interested in not being in this situation next year, prepayment of taxes may be made monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Those interested should call the Treasurer’s office.

How to pay in Cumberland County

There are a few options available to pay these taxes by the deadline. 

“You can pay over the phone, by mail, in one of our two drop boxes at the Administration Building or on the website,” said Brown.

Residents can pay by mail by sending a check or money order to P.O. Box 28, Cumberland, VA 23040. Anyone wanting to come to the office can do so from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 1 Courthouse Circle. 

The Treasurer’s Office also has two outside drop boxes located outside with a box located behind the Administration Building on the second brick column in front of the handicapped parking spaces and the other on the eastern end of the Administration Building facing the parking lot between the lamp post and the corner of the building. Cash shouldn’t be used for drop box payments. 

Paying by credit card, debit card or E-check is available but will charge a convenience fee of 2.8% for each payment. These payments can be done by phone, in person at the Treasurer’s office for Visa, Mastercard or Discover or on the website at