Is Farmville energy efficient? Town preps resolution for ABM plan

Published 5:33 am Wednesday, December 13, 2023

After over a year of conversation, the Farmville Town Council had one of its final discussions about ABM Building Solutions last week. 

In the Town of Farmville 2023 Strategic Plan, one of the goals is to implement recommendations from the ABM Asset Management Plan for Town buildings. In previous meetings, representatives have spoken with the council about their exhaustive survey of utility and energy consumption across the town and their recommendations for ​​cost-effective and sustainable practices

ABM Industries Inc. provides facility services and solutions. They work to create a more sustainable world and provide services including janitorial, engineering, parking, electrical and lighting, energy and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, HVAC and mechanical, landscape and turf and mission-critical solutions. 

Looking at the plan for Farmville

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According to Mayor Brian Vincent, looking at the plan it’s more for efficiency changes rather than big infrastructure plans. This plan is lengthy, around 100 pages, because it holds both the Town and ABM accountable. For example, there is a temperature range that a building has to stay in to see the promised savings. If the savings aren’t there while in this range then ABM will step in and give a check for the difference. 

During the board’s Wednesday, Dec. 6 work session, Town Manager Dr. Scott Davis went over the last details of the plans lease purchasing finance agreement and bundled energy solutions agreement. Davis and the town attorney already reviewed the contract and sent it back with some change requests that were accepted. For the financing agreement, Bank of America won the bid at the amount the Town hoped for. 

“It is at the amount that we need,” said Davis. “We plan on paying out of pocket the closing cost.”

More details and some questions 

The loan from Bank of America will have a fixed interest rate of 4.96%. The plan is to invest the money when it’s not being used in the Town’s VIP fund where it will get 5.52% to help cover the interest cost. 

Councilman Donald Hunter asked about certain buildings that are not in the best condition and need some work. He wanted to make sure that this work and money wouldn’t go to waste on buildings that would get a total replacement in the next 10 years anyway.

According to Davis, these projects will look at what’s needed but also address issues as they come up. When looking at the Public Works building, there is no need for a new facility, but the building could use a facelift and some inside work could be done. This means some energy efficient work can take place without the risk of undoing everything with a new building.

“I think the energy efficiency moving forward is a good thing for that building and I think as the department decides what they want to remodel and redo at different points of time I think we can do that,” said Davis. 

What happens next?

No vote was needed at this meeting for the plan. With no further questions or opposition, Davis plans to bring a resolution to the regular meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 13, for the council to approve his signing.