A Call For Ideas: Input needed for Farmville skatepark

Published 5:53 pm Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Farmville Parks and Recreations department is asking the community what it wants to see for the new skatepark project. 

The Town of Farmville is working with the American Ramp Company to renovate and add to the existing skatepark at Wilck’s Lake Park. To help choose what to add, Farmville created a survey for residents to let them know what they want to see for this improved skatepark. 

For this project, the existing elements at the skatepark will be updated and undergo a safety check. American Ramp Company originally installed the skatepark and will make sure the renovated park is up to standards. 

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“We want to look at not only adding new things to the Town of Farmville for recreation and leisure but also making sure to take car of what we do have to meet the needs of the community,” said recreational director Thomas Woodson. “The skatepark stands out at the park and has people who really enjoy it.”

Along with the skatepark, Farmville is preparing for other additions too for Wilck’s Lake Park. According to Woodson, there will eventually be an asphalt pump track added to allow bikes, scooters and more to also have a place to ride next to the skatepark. They also plan to expand the trail. Other projects are also in the works for a splash pad by the Lion’s Club Playground.

Looking at the timeline, there is still a lot of work to be done before the skatepark project is done. Right now, the project is waiting for the survey results as the survey will remain open until the end of the year. After that, the feedback will be taken into consideration and plans will start. The actual renovation process then will be reliant on what the weather decides to do this spring. 

“The timeline is still to be determined but it’s expected to take a few months,” said Woodsen. “Looking at the survey results and the weather it should take about four to five months.”

To participate in the survey, visit the Town of Farmville’s social media pages, find a QR code at the parks or visit americanrampcompany.com/surveys/farmville-skatepark.