Clark earns another title as Farmville’s fire official

Published 7:39 am Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Daniel Clark has served Farmville for over a year now as the full-time fire chief. After finishing some courses, he’s earned another title as the town’s fire official. 

Even though he has this new position, Clark will still hold the same role as Farmville’s fire chief. Now he just has a few more responsibilities. According to Dr. Scott Davis, the town manager, a large part of hiring Clark as Farmville’s full-time fire chief was to also have him eventually serve as the town’s fire official.

“When Daniel came on board to be the fire chief, part of the change in that job description was to make the fire chief, since it was a full-time position and not a volunteer position any longer, the actual town fire official,” said Davis.  

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As the fire official, Clark will enforce the statewide fire prevention code and do inspections for restaurants, businesses, child care, daycare and other locations the public has access to. This is a job that was previously held by the building official, however, part of the fire prevention code is that this appointment goes to a position that doesn’t expire as it does for building officials and other town positions. 

Steps to be a fire official

To get this role, Clark has worked over the past year taking courses to receive the certification. The test for the certification takes place periodically in various locations around the state. In October, the test was close to home in Richmond and Clark was able to complete his certification. He is now certified through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Farmville Town Council voted unanimously to appoint him to the job at their November meeting.

“The State Fire Marshal’s Office has been extremely helpful to us,” said Davis. “Whenever we’ve had an event or we’ve had something [Clark] has been able to call and they’ve assisted.”

Clark was also lucky enough to have some hands-on training when the  State Fire Marshal’s Office came out to help. Even before he started the courses, Clark was able to get some on the job training. Now, he is the one to take care of these events and issues without the town needing to ask for outside help.