Prince Edward County animal shelter hit with parvo outbreak

Published 6:19 am Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Prince Edward County Animal Control is experiencing a parvo outbreak and a quarantine is in effect until further notice. That means some changes for the Prince Edward County animal shelter. 

Shelter officials announced on Tuesday, Oct. 24 that a quarantine is in effect immediately due to a confirmed case of the highly contagious canine parvovirus. The canine parvovirus, or parvo, is a virus that is spread through organic matter like saliva, vomit and bodily waste of healthy and sick dogs. 

“During the quarantine, the County will have to limit what comes into the Animal Shelter to bites/cruelty cases only,” said Chief Animal Control Officer Adam Mumma. “We cannot pick up stray dogs during the quarantine. If you find a stray, we are asking our citizens to still file a report with Animal Control, but to please be patient until the quarantine ends.”

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For the next two weeks, no animals will be accepted or released from the shelter. This also means that no visitors or volunteers are allowed to enter the shelter while this quarantine is in effect. The animals at the shelter are being monitored for symptoms and will be treated as needed. 

According to Mumma, during morning intake an Animal Control Officer observed potential signs of the virus. They followed standard protocol and took the dog showing signs of the illness to the veterinary clinic. 

“In this case, the animal was tested and canine parvovirus was confirmed,” said Mumma. “The animal is now under the care of a veterinarian.”

Prince Edward County Animal Control will make a public announcement as soon as the quarantine is lifted. At that time, animals will be available for pick up and adoption and Animal Control can resume picking up strays. 

2nd time for Prince Edward County animal shelter

This marks the second quarantine in three months for the shelter. On Wednesday, Aug. 23, the shelter shut down for several weeks due to an outbreak of kennel cough. It can come through one of three ways, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The first was through a bacteria, picked up through a dog’s interaction with infected soil or plants. The second is from infection by the canine flu and the third is from infection by the coronavirus. AVMA officials say symptoms of kennel cough include gagging or vomiting, a dry cough that sounds almost like a honk and a possible fever.