New Flavor: Cumberland woman turns hobby into Kitten’s Cookies

Published 10:10 am Sunday, October 15, 2023

What started as a fun way to relax turned into a new business adventure for Nicole Wolfe and Kitten’s Cookies. 

Wolfe lives in Cumberland County and has always enjoyed finding new ways to be creative. Due to an unforeseen change of plans, she began staying home with her two children. While spending more time at home, Wolfe turned to baking as a way to relax and do something she enjoys. She started making unique cookies and giving them out to friends who encouraged her to start a business, which started Kitten’s Cookies. 

These cookies aren’t ordinary cookies. Each one has some type of filling and unique flavors. The business has since become a family affair, as her two children love to help out with naming the new cookies and packaging them. Her daughter also loves making cookie donations to local departments. 

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“The reason I decided to pursue this passion was to show my children that even if life throws you obstacles and you’re unable to do what you’re used to doing, it’s okay to step outside your comfort zone and try something new,” said Wolfe. “Even if you can’t remain on one particular career path does not mean you can’t find another way to contribute to family and society in a meaningful way, even if it’s just spreading joy and kindness.”

Kitten’s Cookies made to order

Kitten’s Cookies are made to order fresh from her home. The idea of having a storefront has crossed Wolfe’s mind but there is nothing in the works at the moment to bring this to fruition. She admits that even though there are no plans now there is no telling what the future holds. 

For now, Wolfe enjoys the opportunity to be creative, making people happy and sharing this experience with her family. She is constantly updating the menu and creating seasonal flavors. If someone wants something not on the menu Wolfe encourages customers to order it anyway as she loves creating new things. 

“I keep a small sign on the counter that says “don’t be afraid to take whisks” and it’s a positive daily reminder,” said Wolfe. “When my youngest told me she was proud of me, I knew I was doing something right.”

Anyone wanting to order can contact her on her Facebook page Kitten’s Cookies, email or call 804-672-1849.