County receives grant for EMS equipment

Published 10:13 am Thursday, October 12, 2023

Cumberland Fire and EMS announced that it received a grant to continue to outfit the County’s ambulances and provide further support to the County’s emergency response.

On Monday, Oct. 2, Cumberland received a $30,000 non-matching Centra Community Grant. This funding will go towards EMS-related devices including video laryngoscopes, handheld ventilators and emergency child restraints. This grant comes after the recently awarded Spring 2023 Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) grant totaling $5,000 that will be used for an additional CPR assist device along with other devices to enhance the County’s ability to meet emergency medical needs.

“Our focus is adding as many tools to the toolkits for our emergency medical response teams so that they can tackle any situation that may arise in the field,” said Cumberland County Administrator Derek Stamey. “The LUCAS Devices ( CPR assist devices) are critical in that they free up a provider and chest compressions can continue on a patient.”

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In Cumberland, there are four ambulances total that rotate through the EMS crews based on call volume and response data. The ambulances are stationed in the Courthouse area and rotate crews at the Randolph and Cartersville volunteer fire stations. The County utilizes the call response data as much as possible to make sure the ambulances are stationed in the best possible locations.

The County is still actively pursuing more grants and is waiting for its award status on an additional Fall RSAF grant. Earlier this year, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office announced that it was the recipient of a Department of Criminal Justice Services grant totaling $487,112.

“I can’t stress enough the focus that the Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff’s Office, our Fire Chief and the Volunteer Fire Departments and County Administration has had on public safety,” said Stamey. “Whether it’s through ARPA funding, through our commitments through the operating budget and through our collective efforts in seeking out and applying for grants. We are constantly focusing on the public safety needs of our residents. Those efforts will continue.”

In the past 12 months, the County’s public safety investments are approximately $1,867,000 in total. This is mostly made up of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding as well as grants and general fund dollars. This doesn’t include the $2.1 million dollars identified through the County’s debt restructure allocated for the future radio system project.