A long-term view: What’s the plan for Farmville Downtown?

Published 12:39 am Friday, October 20, 2023

FARMVILLE – As the Farmville Downtown Partnership prepares for its retreat to work on the 2024 Work Plan, there are two strategies that everything must line up with to stay on track.  

The Farmville Downtown Partnership works to connect the people of Farmville to preserve and enhance the downtown’s role as the hub of the community. As part of the Virginia Main Street Program, the program encourages each Main Street to determine an overall long-range transformation strategy. These strategies are part of the 2023 Work Plan to ensure that the partnership can reach its long-term goal. 

These two strategies are what all other plans and projects will be held against to be sure that they support the long-range plan. According to Farmville Downtown Partnership’s executive director Nancy Alexander, these plans may adjust to match the growth of downtown but they are expected to stay the same for the next three to five years. 

Making college town connections

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The first strategy is to connect more with Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College. Longwood is within walking distance of the core of downtown and Hampden-Sydney is only a 15-minute drive. The Farmville Downtown Partnership hopes to take advantage of having these two in town and build upon the relationships already started there.

“It’s important to us to focus on what makes Farmville unique and work to enhance those relationships,” said Alexander.

A benefit of having these so close is that it does not require significant physical changes to the downtown landscape to achieve this goal. It also connects the many facets of the community together in the “culturally diverse and architecturally rich downtown environment.”

Both Longwood and Hampden-Sydney already have a representative on the board. The Farmville Downtown Partnership has already done a few successful projects with Longwood including Rock the Block, having an intern do the social media and doing a fundraising project.

Making Farmville Downtown a destination

The second strategy is developing downtown to be a destination. It’s already a regional hub in Southside Virginia with a variety of assets including numerous dining and entertainment venues, nationally known furniture and other shopping locations. The High Bridge Trail and the Moton Museum are also giving something for everyone who visits.

“We want to try to bring all those things together with shopping and outdoor activities where the whole family can come to Farmville for a few days,” said Alexander.

With all these multifaceted assets put together, the goal is that Downtown Farmville becomes a destination community that visitors and locals can enjoy year-round.