Warnings go out: Prince Edward animal shelter is under quarantine

Published 12:02 am Thursday, August 24, 2023

Due to confirmed cases of kennel cough, the Prince Edward County Animal Shelter is currently under quarantine.

Effective as of Wednesday, Aug. 23, Prince Edward County Animal Control announced that the shelter is under quarantine due to a confirmed case of the highly contagious canine respiratory infection. This isn’t an isolated issue. Kennel cough is currently spreading around the Commonwealth, health officials say. 

As for what kennel cough is, we mentioned it’s a respiratory infection. It can come through one of three ways, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The first is through a bacteria, picked up through a dog’s interaction with infected soil or plants. The second is from infection by the canine flu and the third is from infection by the coronavirus. AVMA officials say symptoms of kennel cough include gagging or vomiting, a dry cough that sounds almost like a honk and a possible fever. 

Quarantine rules at Prince Edward animal shelter

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The quarantine is expected to last two-weeks and during this time no animals will be accepted or released from the shelter. Visitors and volunteers are also not allowed to come during this time while the quarantine is in effect.

“During the quarantine, we will have to limit what comes into the Prince Edward County Animal Shelter to bites/cruelty cases only,” said Chief Animal Control Officer Adam Mumma. “We cannot pick up stray dogs during the quarantine. If you find a stray, please try to find the owner or we are asking our citizens to please hang onto them and be patient until the quarantine is over.”

A public announcement will be made when the quarantine is lifted and animals are again available for adoption and when strays can be picked up. Animals that are currently at the shelter are being held to help ensure the disease does not spread out into the community.