Buckingham County Property Transfers for November 2022

Published 6:26 am Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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The following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of November 2022. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

  • Allen Atkinson to Candace M. Taylor, 4.40 AC, James River District. $30,000.
  • Betty Ann Beck to John O. Manning. Deed Gift.
  • James Blanks; et al to Lisa L. Heald, 14.79 AC, James River District. $60,000.
  • Jesse T. Boyer; et al to Sterling River Properties LLC. Deed Gift. 
  • Jesse T. Boyer; et al to Sterling River Properties LLC. Deed Gift.
  • Catlett Land Company LLC; et a to Garland Craig Branch, 6.781 AC, Slate River District. $20,000.
  • Joyce C. Cline; et al to Bethlehem Baptist Church of Dillwyn, 1 AC, Maysville District. $229,900.
  • Mary S. Cline to Earl B. Snoddy. Deed Gift.
  • CMH Homes Inc to Khadijah Sharnice Dabney, 3.49 AC, James River District. $210,700.
  • Countryside Land Company LC to Patrick K. Kasyula; et al, 4 AC, James River District. $45,900.
  • N Garrison Elder; et al to Willie D. Smith; et al, 16.678 AC, James River District. $186,000.
  • Kenneth A. Ford; et al to Charles W. Benhoff, 28.03 AC, Slate River District. $186,000.
  • Jim L. Gray to Alonzo L. Gray; et al. Deed Gift.
  • Alex W. Haislip Jr.; et al to Robert M. Kinder; et al, 3 AC, 6.50 AC, Curdsville District. $390,000.
  • Vaughn A. Hicks to Catlett Land Company LLC; et a, 2.620 AC, 6.784 AC, Slate River District. $20,000.
  • Paul Bryant Holmes; et al to Lisa Bryant Holmes. Deed Gift.
  • Paul Bryant Holmes; et al to Lisa Bryant Holmes. Deed Gift.
  • Joseph Lee Jamerson; et al to Stephanie A. Jamerson; et al, 2 AC, James River District. $100,000.
  • Michael A. Johnson to Jacob Isaac Marshall Gatlin; 2 AC, 1.09 AC, Marshall District. $201,500.
  • Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Aldi Properties LLC, .47 AC, Francisco District. $69,000.
  • Terry Lynn Lowe to Thomas J. Reilly; et al, 4.21 AC. $180,400.
  • Hollis Nelson Lumpkin III; et to RMA Enterprises INC, 66.9 AC, Curdsville District. $175,000.
  • Peter Ralph Marks; et al to Angela R. Dondero, 13 AC, Curdsville District. $260,000.

More property transfers in Buckingham

  • Lasalle J. McCoy Jr. to J & M Real Estte Properties LL, 8.75 AC, James River District. $22,000.
  • Marie Miller to John M. Miller; et ux, 2 AC, Francisco District. $85,000.
  • Clayton E. Mitchell Jr.; et al to David E. King, 92.78 AC, Curdsville District. $750,000.
  • Jamie Moore; et al to Bulmaro Mondragon. Deed Gift.
  • Delphine A. Najeeulla; et al to Alex Craig Besecker; et ux, 11.1 AC, James River District. $128,000.
  • H Curtis Pearson Jr.; et al to E E Talbott Jr.; et al, 20.015 AC, Marshall District. $50,000.
  • Martha Susan Caudill Perkins to James L. Perkins Jr. and Susan C. Deed Gift.
  • Peter W. Pettoni; et ux to Peter W. Pettoni; et ux. Deed Gift.
  • RT Enterprises Inc to Suzanne Feast, Slate River District. $304,200.
  • Gerald L. Sackett to Stephen Fiske; et ux, 4.51 AC, 2.39 AC, James River District. $385,000.
  • Anthony Savona; et al to Anthony Savona; Tr et al. Deed Gift.
  • Michael R. Schock to Michael R. Schock; et ux. Deed Gift.
  • John E. Sykes; et al to Kenneth Lee Fadely, 6.90 AC, Maysville District. $.00.
  • Sandra M. Wood; et al to Sandra Richmond; et al. Deed Gift.
  • David Andrew Wray to Brian Haywood Wray. Deed Gift. 
  • Katherine G. Wright; Executor to Davis Moss; et al, 10 AC, Maysville District. $56,600.

For information on previous property transfers in the county, click here.

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