The Fishin’ Pig’s new location is open

Published 5:15 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Fishin’ Pig’s new location is open and ready to serve its famous Southern cuisine.

The restaurant’s new location opened for business on Tuesday, May 31 at 1807 S. Main St. The restaurant currently opens at 3 p.m. every day with plans to be open for lunch in the coming weeks.

Renovations of the old Ruby Tuesdays building on South Main Street started in fall 2021. After months of work, the new location is open and ready to continue serving the barbecue, seafood and brews Farmville has come to love.

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The new location has everything the old one did, including the same menu, a similar atmosphere and the same staff. The Fishin’ Pig also has a few changes to make dining easier, including more parking, more booths, a bigger take-out area and increased patio dining space to accommodate more food lovers.

“We’re really excited and feel like we haven’t missed a beat,” said Nash Osborn one of The Fishin’ Pig’s owners. “Business has been fantastic especially after being closed for eight days for the transition. We are right back in the game and grateful for that.” Even though the new location is doing great, Farmville residents can’t say goodbye just yet to the former location. According to Osborn and Matt Hurley, they moved to the new location in order to expand their business, but not just in square footage. The owners recently signed a 10-year lease at their old location on Farmville Road to focus on catering events as well as providing a banquet area.

“Our idea to expand was to separate the catering and the day-to-day operation,” said Hurley, one of the other owners of The Fishin’ Pigs. “We felt that separating the two could help us serve our customers better.”

According to Hurley, The Fishin’ Pig already has multiple bookings in the coming weekends sending the catering side off to a strong start.

Farmville residents can stay up to date on announcements and updates by following The Fishin’ Pig on its social media.