Board votes on VDOT budget

Published 12:19 pm Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Buckingham Board of Supervisors met for their monthly meeting on Monday, May 9.

During the meeting, there was a public hearing for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Secondary Six-Year Plan for the fiscal years 2023 to 2028.

The six-year plan includes projects on roads across the county. According to VDOT Division Resident Engineer Scott Frederick many of these roads were brought up years ago but have worked their way up to the top of the list.

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The roads that have made the top of the list this time include Ivy Road, Hunting Shack Road, Hunter’s Road, James Pond Road, Red Road, Crescent Road, Wise Ridge Road, Virginia Mill Road and Blackwell Road. The total number of roads for this project is 27.

During the listing of all projects and estimated costs, Board Chair Jordan Miles asked about the order in which these would be taken care of on the list.

“I don’t really like (going in listed order),” said Frederick. “The list gets put together by the pleasure of the Board, so we can approve it how it is or make some revisions to approve later. Those are our options tonight.”

Other than the actual road work, the budget has funding for Buckingham transportation services requests for signage. There is also funding for engineering, surveying, right away and drainage improvements. These are costs that may be tapped into if these services are required when fixing the roads. The total budget for this six-year plan adds up to $4,372,753.

For this hearing, David Ball from District 3 was the only one who spoke. His comment was neither for or against the budget. However, as a former VDOT employee, he is concerned about how some roads, like Buckingham Springs Road, are not properly maintained.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the budget without any changes or amendments.

In other business:

• The Board of Supervisors gave a presentation of Appreciation to Central Virginia Health Services staff and the Buckingham Health Department staff for their dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Ted Rieck, Jaunt CEO, gave an update on ridership with their transit service. They are looking to start a micro-transit, like Uber, that will focus more on individual needs than the public as a whole.

• Frederick gave an update about VDOT matters. Many have requested traffic slowing devices, like speed readers, and some can come through VDOT. Fredrick is looking into acquiring some for requested locations. 

• Another public hearing was held for Aaron Beiler at Tax Map 124 Parcel 12, containing approximately 121.63 acres located at 257 Sprouse’s Lane, Dillwyn in the Maysville Magisterial District for his request for a special use permit to operate a commercial sawmill on his property. After agreeing to use the side street instead of his driveway for traffic, it passed unanimously.

• The Board approved to hold a public hearing at their next meeting in June for a proposed zoning ordinance regarding sign placement for public hearings.

• The Board approved the request for the Commonwealth Regional Council for a cash match for the Go Virginia Enhanced Capacity Building Grant to fund a business plan for the creation of a Commonwealth Regional Council Regional Economic Development Organization in the amount of $2,500.

• The Board approved the appropriation of return to locality funds in the amount of $49,932.48 for the Buckingham County Emergency Management.

• The Board unanimously voted to adopt Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Plan sent in by EMS Coordinator Ryan Holland.

• The Board voted to reappoint Diane O’Bryant to the Library Board, where she is already serving and up for reappointment.

• The Board approved continuing with Architectural Partners for the Courthouse project for $138,000 out of the $900,000 in the budget for this project.

• The Board approved the request for the Toga Volunteer Fire Department for a county dumpster for the annual fundraising raffle the weekend of May 21.

• The Board approved the appropriation of funds from the Department of Criminal Justice Services in the amounts of $1,692 and $1,461 and $49,440.

• The County Administrator, Karl Carter, plans to work with the County Attorney to set a policy in light of complaints of some citizens having tires on their property. This would allow police to be able to handle these complaints as the policy would limit the tire number allowed.

• The Board voted to prepare a resolution in memorium for Robert E. Bryant, who passed of a heart attack and was a pillar of the community.

• After a closed session, the Board voted to hold a public hearing in their June meeting regarding the selling of certain properties by the county. These properties are 125.275 acres and 114.47 acres and 0.804 acres that were labeled on March 14 as a survey of the division of tax parcel 138-15 and the other entitled division and boundary line adjustment.