Sentara building transferred to Centra

Published 7:17 pm Friday, March 25, 2022

Buckingham County Board of Supervisors held its monthly meeting on Monday, March 14.

A public hearing was held to transfer the old Sentara medical building, 16704 Oak St., in Dillwyn, to Centra Medical Group LLC.

After Sentara closed its primary care location in 2020, Buckingham has sought options to bring healthcare back to the County.

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“Buckingham County is an underserved community, out of the 133 counties in Virginia, it is ranked 124th in health factors according to the latest Community Health Assessments,” said Thomas Angelo, CEO of Centra Southside Community Hospital. “One of the contributing factors is a lack of primary care. Centra plans to invest over $750,000 in the old Sentara office, and we are grateful to the county for gifting us the building.”

According to Angelo, the new facility will initially staff its own physician along with two medical office assistants, a radiology lab specialist and a licensed practical nurse. In the future, they hope to add a nurse practitioner to the staff. They are actively recruiting to fill these positions.

Structural changes are also planned for the facility. There will be changes to the front facade as well as providing better parking and handicapped access.

To get all this in order, Angelo expects the facility to open at the end of this year at the very earliest but more than likely will be at the beginning of next year.

“In the Summer of 2020 when we embarked on a mission to save an existing health care provider — which was caring for so many people in Buckingham County — we had no idea that this would be the amazing result,” said Chairman of the Board Jordan Miles. “I am so proud of the corporate responsibility, investment, and this economic development opportunity that Centra Health has provided to the people of Buckingham County, especially to more than 1,500 people who signed our petitions and those who have been advocating for a doctor in that vacant building. Having a doctor and several talented staff members will improve the health of our community. When there’s a will, there’s a way. And the people of Buckingham County have the will and when they have the will, there is a way. This is just about the most perfect outcome that you could have for a situation like this.”

The measure passed unanimously, with no one speaking out against this project.

Other business:

• A public hearing was held for the adoption of a Solid Waste Fee Ordinance. This would require nonresident landowners and those with farm use tags to pay $25 for their solid waste sticker. The money will help cover the cost of the management of solid waste. No one spoke, and the measure passed unanimously.

• Melody Foster presented a membership refund check of $4,953.46 from the Commonwealth Regional Council. The CRC amended the adopted Membership Dues Policy in January of 2021, which now states if the CRC audited cash fund balance was over $600,000, the overage amount would be equally divided and returned to all member counties.

• Shelley Mays-Couch, from LOC Family Services, came to the Board for a request of $60,000 to be added to the budget. This money will fund services to help with reentry services for those released after incarceration or those facing low income.

• Rick Ewing, director of the Central Virginia Regional Library Director, asked for a budget increase to help cover the rising expenses. 

• Amanda Jones, the Boys and Girls Club president, proposed a budget request of $10,000 for the club’s after-school and full-day summer programs.

• The Board approved the request from Lyn Hill with the Solid Waste Department for the appropriation of $4,500 for Tire Day to be held on Saturday, April 16.

• A resolution was passed to recognize April 2 as Dr. Carter G. Woodson Day.

• The Board voted to approve the appropriation of the 2019 State Homeland Security Program Grant for $68,934.

• The Board passed a resolution in memoriam of Pat Bowe, who passed away on Feb. 25. He served as a member of the Buckingham Planning Commission from 2009 until his death.

• Supervisor Donald Matthews Jr. was voted to be reappointed as the Board Member representative on the Piedmont Senior Resource Board.