Supervisor seats will go unchanged

Published 1:04 pm Thursday, November 4, 2021

Prince Edward County citizens went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2, to cast their vote for four Board of Supervisors members.

The candidates running for the board seats were all current incumbents — District 3 Supervisor Jerry Townsend, District 5 Supervisor Llewellen Gilliam, Jr., District 6 Supervisor David Emert and District 7 Supervisor Jim Wilck.

Although there were no other official candidates on the ballot seeking board seats against the incumbents, voters cast a substantial number of votes for write-in candidates against District 7 Supervisor Wilck.

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Wilck retained his seat with 56.78% of the vote with a 43.22% write-in vote.

District 3 Supervisor Townsend received 94.74% of the votes in his district against 5.26% write-in votes.

District 5 Supervisor Gilliam will keep his seat with 98.04% of the votes to only 1.96% write-in votes.

Voters for District 6 Supervisor David Emert gave the supervisor 97.14% of the vote against  2.86% of votes listed as write-ins.

The Prince Edward County School Board also had several offices up for election this November, including seats for Districts 3, 5, 6 and 7.

District 5 incumbent Lucy Carson and District 6 incumbent Elzora Stiff sought reelection. The District 3 and District 7 seats will be determined by write-in votes.

In District 3, there were 245 write-in votes.

District 7 saw 369 write-in votes.

In District 5, incumbent Carson received 96.68% of the vote with 3.32% write-ins, and in District 6, incumbent Elzora Stiff received 97.04% of the vote with 2.96% write-ins.

In Buckingham County, the Town of Dillwyn mayor and Dillwyn Town Council offices were up for election this year.

Dillwyn Mayor incumbent Linda Venable Paige sought reelection this year, as did Town Council incumbents Sharon J. Baker, Karen S. Frable-Moss, Gilbert W. “Waco” Reams, Ossie J. Harris III and Tora LaTonya Jones.

Additionally, a special election occurred for the District 1 Board of Supervisors seat which was left vacant after the passing of previous Supervisor Bobby Jones last year.

Running for the District 1 seat was current District 1 Supervisor Dennis H. “Bookie” Davis who assumed the board seat after Jones’ passing.

Davis received 96.81% of the vote with 3.19% of write-ins.

Paige received 94.40% of the votes cast with only seven or 5.60% write-ins.

In the Dillwyn Town Council election, 6.09% of votes were write-ins.

Baker received 17.77%, Frable-Moss received 21.325, Reams, 17.26%, Harris, 19.80%, and Jones, 17.77%

(The Department of Elections website does not include the names of write-in candidates.)