Area employers comply with vaccination mandate

Published 6:00 am Thursday, September 30, 2021

Some of the area’s largest employers are already complying with the proposed COVID vaccine mandate, a joint project between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Biden Administration.

The initiative is for private-sector businesses that employ 100 or more persons to have everyone either vaccinated against COVID-19 or take a COVID test at least once a week.

“We are already complying with a state mandate for weekly testing for employees who are not fully vaccinated that aligns with the federal proposal,” Longwood University Assistant Vice President of Communications Matt McWilliams said.

He said further that proof of vaccination by Longwood employees was to be presented by Sept. 1, and the unvaccinated employees would begin weekly testing thereafter.

“Yes, we will comply with this mandate as we comply with all state and federal mandates,” Buckingham County Administrator Karl Carter said. “Currently, we do not have a mandate like this for our office. We have other rules such as physical distancing and mask wearing when inside our building.”

“Cumberland County Public Schools complies with any approved mandate,” Superintendent Dr. Chip Jones said. “We are waiting for further guidance regarding mandatory vaccinations for staff members.”

“Centra announced last month that we will be requiring the COVID vaccine for all caregivers, effective Nov. 1,” Centra Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations Diane Ludwig said. “Those who have an approved exemption will be required to have weekly testing done. So yes, we had these measures in place before the federal government announced their plan.”