Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 6:29 am Thursday, April 29, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of January. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Alexander D. Samms to Lihua Yang, Lots, Town of Farmville. $65,000.

• Jesse R. Birkitt; et ux to Justin Reginald Michael Sellers, Lot, Hamilton District. $169,000.

• Clark Properties 2 LLC to James E H Simmons Jr.; et ux, 5.000 AC, Madison District. $55,000.

• Andrew M. Haas to Kristopher James Tomeldan, 2.066 AC, Madison District. $200,000.

• John Henry Wilson; et al to William P. Flippen; et als, 7.97 AC, Hamilton District. $24,000.

• Christopher James Proffit to Brock Properties LLC, 2.750 AC, Randolph District. $51,000.

• David Allen Finch, et als to Elwood Carson Finch. Deed Gift.

• Timbercreek Building and Design LLC to Nathan T. Ruffin; et al, Lot, Madison District. $210,000.

• Catherine Saydlowski; et als to Daniel Berlin III; et ux, Parcel, 1 ¼ AC, Hamilton District. $225,000.

• Millbrook Construction LLC to Antonio Hernandez, Lot, Madison District. $249,950.

• Clark Properties Inc. to Joseph Phillip Patterson; et ux, Lot, Madison District. $170,000.

• Monte W. Speas; et ux to Boyd Fulton; et al, 2.62 AC, Hamilton District. $79,945.

• Cynthia W. Carter to Ronald J. Sadler; et ux, 10.912 AC, Parcel, Hamilton District. $46,000.

• Ernest Todd Talton II to Robert T. Scott; et al, 4.28 AC, Randolph District. $16,500.

• JCM III LC to Stoney R. Marshall, 62.85 AC, Hamilton District. $58,000.

• Kimberly D. Presutti to Brett Austin Adams, 4.0 AC, Hamilton District. $205,000.

• Valerie Ann Stimpson; et als to Valerie Ann Stimpson. Deed Gift.

• Valerie Ann Stimpson; et als to Jeffrey C. Stimpson; et al. Deed Gift.

• Martin H. Dunivan to Christopher L. Dunivan, 12.7 AC, Hamilton District. $10,000.

• William L. Stinson Jr. to Andrew Lee Stinson; et al. Deed Gift.

• Monticello Forest LLC to Virginia Timberland Partners, LLC, 53.89 AC, 476.3, Randolph District. $1,010,000.

• CMH Homes Inc. to Stephany S. Johnson; et ux, 6.65 AC, Madison District. $218,000.

• Larry Paul Broussard; et al to Matthew Bowles; et ux. Deed Gift.

• Robert D. Blake; et als to Joshua Blake Caudill, 1.00 AC, Randolph District. $130,000.

• Lois Arthur to David Clarke; et ux. Deed Gift.