Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 6:00 am Saturday, April 10, 2021

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of October. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Michael P. Rentschler to Ross Jenkins et ux, 4 AC, Madison District. $10,000.

• Eagle on 3 LLC to Zimbelman Family LLC, 2.10 AC. $1,545,331.

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• Ronald L. Litchfield; et ux to Upton Samuel Hodge, 5.97 AC, Madison District. $220,000.

• Emma Jones; et al to Vanessa Dotson. Deed Gift.

• Mary w. Shearn; et al to Jessie Woodson-Johnson. Deed Gift.

• Brian R. Eckert; et ux to Samuel Everett Moser, Parcel, Town of Farmville. $136,598.

• David T. Clark; et ux to Professional Homes LLC, 1.755 AC, Hamilton District. $22,500.

• Virginia H. Boyles to Dennis James Allen, Parcel, Randolph District. $40,000.

• Royal C. Brown; et al to Steven Childress, 5 AC, Hamilton District. $5,000.

• David W. Hazlegrove Sr.; et ux to David W. Hazlegrove Sr.; Tr, et al. Deed Gift.

• Phillip Madison III Exor to Marshall W. Hawks, et ux, Lot, Hamilton District. $205,000.

• Countryside Real Estate LLC to Jared Coderre, 6.38 AC, Randolph District. $21,000.

• Laverne T. Anderson to Hailey Nicol Bunge, 2 AC, Hamilton District. $98,250.

• John E. Keefe to Lauren Duggan Watson, 2.23 AC, Randolph District. $126,003.

• Randall B. Daves to Amelias Home Construction LLC, 0.02 AC, 1.73 AC, Madison District. $215,000.

• Richard C. Green Jr.; et al to Lori Vaughn; et al, 37.55 AC, Hamilton District. $343,750.

• Joanne Smith Petty; et als to Sheila A. Lewis, 7.11 AC, Madison District. $17,500.

• Rodney D. Cook to Matthew Bullough; et ux, Parcel, Hamilton District. $314,500.

• Ashley M. Desilva to Kasey Jo Jordan; et al, 3.27 AC, Hamilton District. $207,000.

• Andrew R. Parisi; et ux to Andrew R. Parisi. Deed Gift.

• JCM III, LLC to Richard Jones, 14.96 AC, Madison District $30,000.

• Fannie Mae to James Shadoian, .95 AC, Madison District. $86,500.

• Harry Carrion to Matthew Dana Fletcher; et ux, 3.39 AC, Randolph District. $354,900.

• Monticello Forest LLC, et al to William R. Ranson, Parcel, 225.9 acre, Randolph District. $400,000.

• Barbara McClinton, et al to JCM III LLC, Parcel, Madison District $167,000.

• Ronald L. Thompson; et ux to Ryan S. Thompson. Deed Gift.

• David R. Myzie; Tr to Deborah H. Wigglesworth; et ux, 3.13 AC, Hamilton District. $155,000.

• Kevin Earl Ramey; et ux to Christopher Paul Beavers; et al. Deed Gift.

• Blanche Pearl Brown to Will Brown Jr. Deed Gift.

• Cyndee R. Barnett to Deborah J. Flint, 6.079 AC, Randolph District. $40,000.

• Secretary of the United States Department of Housing to Savanna Schumacher, 3.79 AC, Randolph District. $108,350.