Expect a warm, dry week ahead

Published 8:44 am Monday, October 5, 2020

Farmville is looking at a great week weather wise as temperatures warm into the mid to high 70s most days with little chance of showers until we get to Saturday.

The area could likely deal with a dry spell rather well. According to Francis Wood, weather watcher WFLO, Farmville had 9.67 inches of rain in September in a month that averages 3.38 inches of rain. Farmville has an annual surplus of rain for 2020 of almost 10 inches at 9.43 inches. We have had 42.38 inches of rain so far this year compared to an average rainfall total of 32.95 inches.

Tropical Storm Delta has formed in the Caribbean and could threaten  the Gulf Coast later this week. It is unclear if the storm will bring any appreciable amount of rain to our area. Virginia is included in the very early projected path of the storm.

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Today, the high temperature is expected to be 70. Temperatures warm to 79 on Wednesday.