Longwood opens apartment to PEVRS

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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Members of the Prince Edward Rescue Squad (PEVRS) have been on the front lines since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in an effort to keep them and their families safe, Longwood University opened one of their apartments for the squad to use.

“The university was kind enough to accommodate PEVRS with a three-bedroom apartment to use as a substation,” PEVRS Executive Director Deanna Jones said. “This was done as an effort to limit exposure and preserve our staff in the event we had members become symptomatic.”

Longwood University informed students in February that Longwood Village, located at 105 Lancer Circle behind Sheetz, would not be available for student housing for the 2020- 21 academic year as the university was looking to repurpose the complex.

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According to Jones, with ambulances being run in two-person crews, if one member of the crew became symptomatic, both members would have to be quarantined.

“We have two crews on duty each day, sharing common areas and having a separate facility for each crew ensured we would not lose multiple crews in the event people were to get sick,” Jones said.

PEVRS used the apartment for six weeks until they had an adequate supply of PPE and were better equipped to socially distance within the building.

“EMS providers are a limited resource, and sustaining a healthy staff is paramount to community safety,” Jones said, “PEVRS is so grateful for Longwood’s partnership and support in keeping our community safe.”