Dillwyn’s coronavirus case number jumps to 330

Published 1:17 pm Friday, May 15, 2020

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Positive cases of COVID-19 in Buckingham County took another jump Friday, moving to a total of  366, but this time it appears the outbreaks at the prisons is not the reason for the increase.

The 19-case increase since Wednesday is all located in the Dillwyn zip code where cases increased from 311 to 330.

The number of positive cases in the prisons have been holding steady the past several days with 205 positive cases at the Dillwyn Correctional Center (DCC) and five staff members who have tested positive for the virus. Five inmates from DCC have been hospitalized. Buckingham Correctional Center (BKCC) still has 75 inmates who have tested positive and five staff members. Five inmates from BKCC have been hospitalized as well.

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With numbers stabilizing in the prisons, it appears the increase is cases is coming from the community of Dillwyn itself. Of Dillwyn’s 330 cases, 290 can be attributed to the prisons leaving 40 cases to be attributed to community spread in the Dillwyn area. Staff members are counted in the community where they reside, and may not necessarily be part of Dillwyn’s case numbers. No other zip code in Buckingham County saw an increase in cases the past two days.

Prince Edward County’s coronavirus number has risen to 72 and Cumberland County is at 18 positive cases.

The majority of the Prince Edward cases are in the Farmville zip code of 23901 which has 66 positive cases. Pamplin (23958) has nine positive cases and Burkeville (23922) has six positive cases. Every other zip code in the county has four or less cases so the individual cases numbers are not revealed to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Overall, Virginia has 28,672 positive cases of the coronavirus with 3,657 hospitalizations and 977 deaths.