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Council provides funding to IDA

Following a closed session meeting on economic development Wednesday, May 13, the Town of Farmville Town Council authorized Town Manager Scott Davis to appropriate $10,000 from the town’s contingency fund to the Farmville Industrial Development Authority (FIDA).

David Whitus

The town council authorized this appropriation for the FIDA to provide a grant program to local businesses based upon these businesses having needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a release from the town, the FIDA will meet soon to develop a grant program for businesses to apply for funding opportunities.

“Once the grant program is developed, there will be more information provided regarding the criteria and application period. There is the opportunity for FIDA to coordinate efforts with the Prince Edward County IDA in the grant program,” the release stated.

“We are genuinely concerned about our business community and looking forward to our economy gradually returning over the summer and are optimistic about the fall,” Farmville Mayor David Whitus said.

In April, councilmembers approved several other measures to ease burdens placed on businesses and citizens affected by the pandemic.

Currently, the Town of Farmville is relaxing convenience fees when paying by credit card as well as relaxing interest and penalty fees on various taxes and fees, offering payment plans for water and sewer bills, and not charging for metered parking or those that rent parking spaces from the town until July 1.