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Farmer leaves position with town

Dean Farmer

Farmville Fire Department Chief Dean Farmer announced Jan. 9 that although he is leaving his paid position of daytime operations chief with the Town of Farmville, he will remain active in his volunteer position as the department’s fire chief.

Farmer has served as chief since July 2017 when former Farmville Town Manager Gerald Spates appointed him.

Although the chief position is appointed, it is not a paid position; instead, appointees are made by the recommendation of fire department members.

Farmer, who has been employed by the Town of Farmville since 2001, says he has accepted a position to oversee a safety program with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

According to Farmer, his position as Daytime Operations Chief included overseeing the day to day operations at the fire station as well as responding to fire and EMS calls. “Through this transition, public safety is still my No. 1 goal,” explained Farmer. “We will ensure adequate fire protection will remain the same for our citizens.”

Farmer, along with Travis Finch, who serves as Fire House Attendant, are the only two paid individuals with the Farmville Fire Department.

According to Farmer, both he and Finch, along with volunteers, responded to fire and EMS calls during the day.

Finch and volunteer members will still respond to daytime calls.

“Not being at the department every day means I will have to handle the responsibilities of the chief in the evening after work hours,” said Farmer. “I will still be chief … just serving more in a volunteering role in the department.”