Getting to know each other

Published 2:40 pm Thursday, February 28, 2019

It’s a rainy, quiet Saturday morning at the end of what has been a full, almost hectic first week spent as a new member of The Farmville Herald staff. It is a perfect time to regroup; to look back, and take stock of what all has gone on in the past week before turning my attention to what lies in the week ahead.

I’d like to say now that I could not have picked a better group of people to work with, of that I am sure. They are hard working, productive, collaborative and friendly. I cannot begin to explain how much help each one has been this past week. I am proud to be on their team.

In the midst of my rainy morning “mulling the week over” session I decided to share a few things with you — The Farmville Herald readership.

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Within the Farmville community I am blessed to have friends, family and friends as close as family. I would add that you, the Farmville community, are ultimately the reason I am here.

Although I am a Richmond native, my experiences in Farmville began a long, lo … (one long is enough), time ago. My first visits were back when Larry LeSueur’s was the voice of WFLO. I remember that the Kyanite mining cut in Willis Mountain had not yet diminished its height. I remember the beautiful countryside, the Appomattox River and its slow drift just below the big old Green front buildings. I remember the railroad tracks and Main Street, lined with family businesses.

Longwood University’s Curry and Frazer Dormitories were a scant few years old. I was too young to understand then that it just felt like home. Roughly 45 years ago on that first visit it took all of about 5 minutes out here and I was smitten — for life, it has turned out.

My early memories of the Farmville area withstood the test of time. They remained clear; my family connections here were still strong. My fondness of this area tugged at me like a call from home.

As a young husband and new father, I decided to come back here to raise my family and work as a carpenter. I’ve driven many a nail, toted and cut a forest full of lumber in that time.

Fast-forward 33 years. It is here and now; a rainy Saturday morning, (life seems to go like that, doesn’t it?) Look ahead now.

I am blessed to have this new job in the community I love.

A new job means new responsibilities. I am fully aware of and committed to them, and to you, The Farmville Herald readership.

Looking forward, I would offer that there is a good chance we will cross paths. I hope so. I look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time. If you have a news tip or know of a special event, tell me about it. Call me at the office. You know where I am. As a member of The Farmville Herald staff, I help to report the news of my community — our news. We can help each other with that.

Just one last thing — Thank you, my cup is full!

NOEL OLIVER is a staff writer for The Farmville Herald and Farmville Newsmedia, LLC. He can be reached at