Faxon questions book

Published 5:26 pm Thursday, August 13, 2015


The July 31 article (“For author, a time of reckoning” published in The Herald) for author Kristen Green’s book, “Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County” left me wondering why Green didn’t include the impact school closures had on the white children as well as the black.

The paper stated, “White students attended the private Prince Edward Academy. …” It should have stated: The wealthy and connected white children attended Prince Edward Academy. Lower income white families had the same issues to deal with as the black families when it came to sending their children away for an education or having them do without.

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Since Green is ready to hold her family accountable for their role in closing public schools and opening a white private school, I feel she should address the people of both races who were hurt by those acts. If she really wants to purge her guilt, why not give the proceeds of the book to the Moton Museum?

Nancy S. Faxon, BFA, MA