Letter to the Editor: Judging between Good and McGuire

Published 1:25 am Friday, June 14, 2024

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Years ago, I read a book to my children entitled “A Peep Behind the Scenes,” written by a British author in the late 1800’s. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a peep behind the scenes into the 5th District Republican candidates Bob Good & John McGuire?

Maybe we can look at what those who do get a peep behind the scenes are saying. There are 25 top GOP leaders in the 5th district who this week stood with Bob Good, stating in an open letter to President Trump, “During his time in office, Bob has demonstrated bold and courageous leadership with exhaustive offense against the progressive left Democratic agenda.” The letter went on to say “In contrast, the Congressman’s opponent [John McGuire] has a history of lying to the voters and only representing his own ambitions rather than the needs of his constituents.”

On the same day that John McGuire announced he was running for Congress, the Goochland County Republican Committee, whom he was elected as State Senator to represent, passed a resolution of “No Confidence regarding John McGuire” (11/15/2023). The resolution states that “the electorate has been misled and betrayed, as it is now apparent that John McGuire’s intentions were primarily self-serving rather than driven by a genuine desire for public service.” McGuire has gotten a failing grade from his own county!

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What kind of grade has Bob Good gotten? This quote from Senator Rand Paul (KY) is on the BobGoodforCongress.com website. “Bob Good is one of the few elected leaders we can count on in Washington DC to deliver on his word. He has stood against the DC elites, and now they are trying to defeat him with one of their own. Bob is a true freedom loving conservative, and has been on the front lines of the fight each and every day while serving the people of Virginia’s fifth district.”

I truly believe a debate between our congressman Bob Good and his challenger John McGuire would have given voters a clear picture of who deserves their vote on June 18. It’s sad as well as revealing that such a debate never took place! As John Ruff, chairman of the Amherst County GOP stated on May 9, “We request that Senator McGuire show respect to the voters of Amherst County and the 5th Congressional District and reconsider his refusal to attend a much-anticipated forum.”

My vote is for Congressman Bob Good, who has served us well since being elected in 2020 and re-elected in 2022. I hope he can count on other people’s votes, too.

Melody Bradshaw