Prince Edward County Property Transfers: October 2022

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of October. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Shree Shree Dutt, LLC to Prideland VA, LLC, Lot, Town of Farmville. $1,600,000.

• James Robert Jacobs to David C. Miller, Lot, Farmville District. $19,900.

• Sterling Investments LLC to Jonas J. Brinks, 3.04 AC, Hampden District. $300,000.

• Paul R. Ward Jr.; Trustee of the to Marcus A. Davis. $10.

• John H. Branch to Anthony Sprague, Lot, Town of Farmville. $42,500.

• Southgate Lot 3, LLC, a Virginia to NS Retail Holding, LLC, a Del, 1.237 AC, Town of Farmville. $8,244,198.

• Roger Melvin Stanley Jr. to Russell S. Haskell II, 3.08 AC, Hampden District. $293,000.

• Charles S. Wilson to Buffalo Street Leasing, LLC, Lot, Town of Farmville. $360,000.

• Dora E. West to Doral M. Foreman. Deed Gift.

• Christopher D. Conkwright to DTT, LC, 11.433 AC, Hampden District. $10,000.

• Thirty-Thirty LLC to Derrick Kyle Moore Hargrove, Lot, Prospect District. $380,000.

• WGCC Properties LLC, a Virginia to HMW Properties LLC, Lot, Town of Farmville. $227,000.

• Chelsea Building Corp. to Robert B. Eiban, 2 AC, Leigh District. $264,000.

• PHH Mortgage Corporation to Chris Yeatts, 2.38 AC, Buffalo District. $53,000.

• Audrey J. Micken to Joseph Ford, Lots, Hampden District. $306,100.

• Angela Jones to Plummer N. Jones. Deed Gift.

• Lawrence C. Varner to Legendary Real Estate and Investments, Lot, Town of Farmville. $630,000.

• Julia Paige Caldwell to Joe Peyton Irving II, 27.02 AC, Hampden District. $58,000.

• James D. Satterwhite Sr. to Colton Michael Williamson, 3 AC, Leigh District. $243,000.

• Abraham L. Chambers to Benjamin K. Stoltzfus, 1 AC, Prospect District $17.000.

• Freddie Chambers to Benjamin K. Stoltzfus, 4 AC, Propsect District. $9,500.

• Willie S. Bolden Sr. to Willie S. Bolden. Deed Gift.

• Matthew West Womack to Womack Rentals, LLC. Deed Gift.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to John A. Hogan, 13.04 AC, Hampden District. $65,000.

• Virginia S. Foster to Loveleen Webster. Deed Gift.

• Patricia Chisholm to Letoya Janice Chisholm; Grant. Deed Gift.

• John A. Young; Tr to Justine A. Young. $150,000.

• Trevor Frank Tranchina to Eric Andrew Bodolay, 1.16 AC, Farmville District. $325,000.

• Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Lofton Leasing LLC, 7.55 AC, Buffalo District. $48,000.

• Darryl W. Farra to Donald K. Gosnell. $8,200.

• Lofton Leasing LLC to Four Fifty-Five LLC. Deed Gift.

• Stewart L. Godsey to David L. Godsey, Lot, Prospect District. $103,200.

• Caren Goin to Forrest Yoder, 1.61 AC, Hampden District. $50,000.

• Stewart Scot Denby to To S Real Estate. Deed Gift.

• Steven F. Barron to Kelly L. Codding, Lot, Hampden District. $237,500.

• Elizabeth Jacobs Sprouse; Trust to Elizabeth Jacobs Sprouse. Deed Gift.

• Cale L. Godfrey to Ryan Nicholas Rohr, 4.38 AC, Lockett District. $235,000.

• Annastasia D. Bolden to Raymond E. Draper, 3.78 AC, Hampden District. $10,000.

• Pembelton Homes, LC to Daniel E. Wright Jr., 2 AC, Leigh District. $265,000.

• Nicole Gilman to Darlene Jill Leffler Mitten, 25.5 AC, Farmville District. $235,000.

• Lloyd H. Seely to Nicolas A. Madiso, Lot, Buffalo District. $36,000.

• Halie Waid to John Foushee, 24.96 AC, Leigh District. $315,000.

• Jennifer Anne Hotz to Jennifer Anne Hotz. Deed Gift.

• Lillian G. Evans to Tamara T. Benhoff, 4 AC, Prospect District. $17,000.

• Veronica H. McGhee to Tamara T. Benhoff, 4 AC, Prospect District. $17,500.

• Anne Jones Matherly; Executri to Poor House Farms, LLC, Lots, Lockett District. $1,415,000.

• Janella Lambert-Watkins to Deoniesa Bailey, 2.26 AC, Lockett District. $196,000.

• Harlan L. Horton; Guardian to Malcolm L. Bailey, 32.5 AC, Hampden District. $1,300,000.

• Lula C. Brisentine to Stephanie B, Gilliam, 4.69 AC, Prospect District. $20,000.

• Wayne Wells to Mahler Alys Epperson, 3.56 AC, Hampden District. $227,500.

• Donald Lee Neathery to Angela Runion Landis. Deed Gift.

• Rodger M. Childress to Betty C. Tinsley. Deed Gift.

• Wayne M. Falls to Wayne M. Falls and Karen B. Falls. Deed Gift.

• Wayne M. Falls to Wayne M. Falls and Karen B. Falls. Deed Gift.

• Shirley A. Layne to Tom T. Atkins. Deed Gift.

• Jeffrey B. Griffith to David J. Vandermark, 1.96 AC, Hampden District. $349,900.

• Pembelton Homes, LC to Richard A. Porter, 2 AC, Leigh District. $229,000.

• Keith Leach; Executor to Thomas R. Brandt. $95,000.


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