Cumberland Historical Society: Let’s answer some questions

The Cumberland County Historical Society and the Cumberland Museum are located in the Old Clerk’s Office in Cumberland Court House. Each month we share about some of our displays along with news from the Historical Society. But this time, we want to answer some questions we’ve received first. 

Some have asked about the Historical Society, when it meets and how to get in touch. The Society meetings are held at 2 p.m. in February, April, June, October and December. Special meetings are held periodically during the other months. We are open during the week, usually in the afternoons, but it is always best to call 804-492-3348 to be sure someone is available to let visitors in and answer any questions. 

This month we will focus on our publications for Cumberland County. There are two hardback books we’ve produced so far: Cumberland County and Its People Volume 1 and 2. Cumberland County and Its People Volume 1 has 253 pages and includes 507 family histories, plus It also contains the histories of Cumberland’s churches, schools, organizations and old mills. This was published in 1982 by the Cumberland Historical Society. 

Four supplements

There are four supplements to this book. Supplement 1 has an additional 63 family histories and was published in 1987. Supplement 2, published in 1992, has 52 additional family histories. Supplements 3 and 4, published in 1994 and 1998, each have additional family stories. We are working on a fifth supplement, hopefully to be published soon. 

Cumberland County and Its People Volume 2 published in 2011 is a hardback book that contains more family histories as well as information on churches, schools, organizations and a section on military men from our county. In addition to these, the historical society has published 30 yearly bulletins. These began in 1984 and range through 2015. 

Cumberland Historical Society needs help

Now, here’s where we could use some assistance. We are constantly working to try to catch up to the present year, but need help in getting this done. Each bulletin contains pictures and information on the Cumberland Historical Society’s meetings each year as well as other historical facts about the county. We do have a pamphlet that lists some of the features in each bulletin. All the above are at the museum and for sale to interested persons. 

Another publication at the Cumberland Museum is Crucible and Cornerstone: A History of Cumberland County, Virginia. That was published in 1969, written by M. K. Vaughan for the Cumberland County Planning Commission. The project committee members were James P. Baber, Donald Ortner and James W. Moody. This paperback book covers the formation of Cumberland County from the colonial period to the 20th century. There is a section on Old Homes of Cumberland, Old Mills of Cumberland, Churches, pictures of Cumberland Court House as well as other places of interest. 

Barbara Gamage of the Cumberland Historical Society wrote this for The Herald.