Letter: There’s a simple solution here

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Dear Editor,

Make it make sense. I see all of these people screaming bloody murder over the increased parking fees and fines in Farmville. For years, people have complained about the “old” parking meters, about how they’d rather use a debit card and how nobody carries actual coins around anymore. I know this because some of the ones complaining have been family members of mine.

So ok, the town hears the complaints and addresses the issue. Then, to the shock of no one, they raise the parking fee. How exactly did you think they were going to pay for the new meters? Does it not make sense that the people who use them should be the ones paying for them? And then, the most annoying thing, people get parking tickets and don’t pay them, then act shocked when the town council wants to increase the price of fines and the penalties, to discourage people from refusing to pay. There’s a very simple solution here. If you get a parking ticket, pay it. That’s it. No complaints, no negotiation. No crying about how your life is ruined (it’s not). Just be an adult, walk into town hall and pay the thing. Don’t want to pay a parking fee? Here’s a novel concept. Don’t park next to a parking meter, then. Do what I do and park in one of the free public parking spaces and walk around downtown.

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Otherwise, don’t try and clutch your pearls and make this into more of a problem than it really is. There are so many more issues facing Farmville and Prince Edward as a whole. This doesn’t even make the Top Ten.

Paul Xavier

Prince Edward