Letter: I don’t want a ‘yes man’ representing me. I’ll take Bob Good

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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Dear Editor, 

I have never been one to tow party lines nor pick a candidate because of their party but because of the person. As the two term Vice Chair of Prince Edward County Virginia Democratic Committee, I was even attacked by Tom Perriello because of my support for Virgil Goode Jr. I supported Virgil, who as a three-term representative, showed he was there for all of the people he served in the 5th Congressional District of Virginia and I supported him when he ran as a Democrat, Independent, and as a Republican. 

Over the years and decades that followed as an advent voter of the 5th District, I was starting to feel as if we would never find another like him. That was until I contacted Bob Good. I contacted him on behalf of my niece who was facing two issues; her father being a fully disabled veteran and herself being disabled after a long battle with cancer. 

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I was wonderfully surprised and blessed to find a representative who didn’t care about what party you were, but the fact that you are someone he represents. I’ve seen the commercials and the lies told by others who are vengeful because he is not a Trump-Yesman; but that’s not why we send people to Washington. We send them there whether or not we voted for them, to represent us and do right by us. 

Lies about Bob Good anger me

It angers me to hear lies that he has deserted our troops or military men and women in any way, when he hasn’t. His opponent, who is part of my county’s state senator and hasn’t even been that for a good six months, wishes to portray Good as a traitor while everyone who’s for Trump is somehow a patriot (in their minds only). He throws his military career around as if it makes him better suited for the job. When I came up and the men and women in my family as well as friends joined the Armed Services, we did it to fight for the American way of life, not so it would look good on a resume. 

I don’t give idle compliments nor do I always stand with the bright and shiny because I know all is not gold that glitters. But rather I do if you’re a Democrat, Independent, or Real Republican that remembers when a wall was the terror of the world until Ronald Wilson Regan brought it down. If you are a person who cares that our representative will represent all of us, and work to unify us, someone who truly understands that “a house divided can not stand, and a nation divided will always fail,” then you want Bob Robert George Good, a yes man for the people he represents. 

Kenneth W. Jackson