Devotional: I caught a glimpse and that was enough

Published 6:19 pm Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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mother natureIt has been great to see things blooming again. The call of the shutterbug wild has been creeping back into my heart, and the joy of trying to see things through the lens that we quickly take for granted has returned. Yes, that is a bit lazy as there are always things worth noting whatever season, but the blooms are just so good. Maybe that’s my low hanging fruit. 

Something else that I thought would be easy was to venture off and find interesting shots on the High Bridge Trail. A good brisk walk was in order, and the day was pleasant. With my camera in tow, I hit the trail and walked for 45 minutes. Someone must have forgotten to send the memo to… Mother Nature? There was nothing in bloom at all. The whole way was drab, though the walk itself was nice. Disappointment weighed my steps as I got closer and closer to my return. In the past, some of my more interesting shots were ones I found while biking on the trail. There is a stretch from Orchard Road that is a tunnel of redbuds, and the birds and the flora that you do not usually see in the yard always make for good glimpses of God’s glory, but not this time, not this stretch. 

When I returned to the Charley’s parking lot, I happened to catch a glimpse of some color around a tree growing in the middle of the paved path. After all of that effort, I found something at the very end worth all the trouble.

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The Season of Lent can be like that, too. This past week marked the end of the 40 days of grave and somber reflection, appreciation of the cross and Jesus’ execution, and personal disciplines that might be less than fun. No, the season is meant to be heavy in a sense, but after all of that work and trouble, there is glory at the end.

This year’s Lenten experience has brought another tremendous blessing to our community. We need to truly treasure the return of the Lenten services and luncheons. It has been so, so good to visit area churches and meet other folk from all over the community. 

Truly, the soup has been great, too! The best part, though, is our witness to God as community. Whatever you may or may not believe, you are still made in God’s image and have a place among God’s community. When we are bold enough to express that, then God is glorified. I have found a great deal of beauty at the conclusion of this time of Lent that I hope you can share. Be blessed and encouraged in the weeks to come.

Rev. Dr. Peter Smith is the pastor for Farmville Presbyterian Church. He can be reached at