Poultry Cooperative is just what we need

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Dear Editor, 

I’ve criticized plenty, but now I come here saying good job. That goes to everyone from the county staff to the Virginia Farm Bureau, every single person that fought tooth and nail over the last year to help our farmers. And now here it is, a functional Poultry Cooperative, up and running, to replace the Tyson plant that was shut down. I would argue it’s not a replacement, but an improvement. Here we have something owned and operated by our farmers, rather than a corporation in another state whose board of directors could give two shakes about anyone in Virginia. 

And actually I should say good job to the staff from all the counties, as seven counties were able to work together, all in sight of one goal. It appears when we all have the same goal in mind, when we’re all dedicated to one plan, it’s amazing what can be accomplished, what grants can be found, what deals can be made.  

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And for that, I say good job. I would also encourage all of you supervisors, all of you administrators, everyone who helped with this, to try and do it more often. There are other deals to be made, other decisions that can help us all as a region. After all, let’s be honest, no matter what party is in power, we can’t rely on the Assembly to handle things. 

Paul Xavier

Prince Edward County