Letter to the Editor: We don’t want New Leaf’s solar panels

Published 6:31 pm Thursday, March 21, 2024

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Dear Editor, 

We bought our retirement home approximately 3 years ago off Old Ridge Road, on Ridge Way Drive in the Ridgeway II development. Ridge Way Drive is a private road with seven families living on it. We were attracted to this area because of the privacy it provides and large lots and it is so peaceful and quiet and calming. We hear very little noise from Hwy 460. This area is wooded, we have almost 10 acres and only one acre is without trees. We love the privacy and solitude this provides. 

If a solar farm is allowed to build in our neighborhood, we will lose some of the privacy provided by the trees and brush. The trees and brush offer a natural sound barrier between us and Hwy 460.  If a solar farm was allowed to build in our quiet residential neighborhood, we will lose this natural sound barrier. The wildlife that come through our property daily, would lose their homes and be displaced.  Some of the homes on Old Ridge Road will have the solar field in their back yard.  Because of the way our home is positioned on our lot, the front of our home will face the solar field.

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We agree with all our friends and neighbors that a solar farm is not wanted nor does it belong in our residential area. There would be an increase in traffic, and with the removal of trees and bushes and vegetation, a loss of our peaceful and quiet neighborhood. There would be a loss of homes to the wildlife that live in the area. A solar farm should not be built in our residential neighborhood or any residential area.  It belongs outside of town where there are many wide-open spaces and not a threat to any neighborhood or people. We are also concerned about the devaluation of property and unknown health risks. 

There are no benefits to the residents of Old Ridge Road or Ridge Way Drive for the building of a solar farm in our neighborhood. New Leaf Energy should locate their solar farm in a more suitable environment, not in our neighborhood.

Bob and Sharon Prout