Letter to the Editor: We don’t want New Leaf here

Published 6:42 pm Friday, March 1, 2024

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Dear Editor, 

Your news story on New Leaf and solar projects was much appreciated. It provided an opportunity to respond. New Leaf is not a member of our community. They are not working with residents and landowners because the residents and landowners do not give a tinker’s damn about any concessions on hunting, etc that they have to offer. We do not want that ridiculous boondoggle in our nest!

Pete Oliver once told me “water runs downhill.” There are rivers on each side of Old Ridge Road. This magical area of tall oaks and beeches, flooding low grounds, growing families and $300K homes don’t need no solar bull sugar and 12,000 solar panels in their neighborhood.

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Our admirable planning commission voted correctly on the New Leaf request. No!

Steve Wall

Old Ridge Road