Letter to the Editor: New Leaf needs to understand the word no

Published 6:42 pm Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Dear Editor, 

The residents on Old Ridge Road have been opposing a solar farm being built in the middle of our community’s 32 homes since September 2023. The Prince Edward Planning Commission voted unanimously against issuing a special use permit to New Leaf Solar on December 19, 2023. Since then I have talked to New Leaf representatives one on one and told them we are still opposed. Now New Leaf is asking us to come to another promotional meeting to try to sell us on their project. No means no. No matter what they offer we do not want their solar farm in our community. 

The Virginia law land use ordinances and the Prince Edward comprehensive plan specifically state a solar farm in our community is not in accordance with either. We don’t need to or want to see another presentation or go to another meeting promoting their solar farm. New Leaf can appeal to the Prince Edward Board of Supervisors. That is the next step in the protocol. I encourage New Leaf to find a suitable place to build their solar farm and accept our repeated and final decision of no. 

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Jon Garner