Letter: Plain and simple, it’s not a good fit

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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Dear Editor, 

Our Old Ridge Road neighborhood is not interested in rehashing New Leaf Energy’s solar farm proposal here. We have attended two presentations and heard them. They heard us too. Nothing changes the potential risks and our concerns on locating their solar farm in our community of residential homes and close to wetlands. To alter the woodlands by cutting over the area, grating the land, destroying the homes of existing wildlife not to mention locating it close to many humans living in the area is not our definition of clean healthy energy. It’s easy to think what’s the big deal when you don’t live where it’s happening and having it as a neighbor for over 20 years. Plain and simple – our neighborhood is not a good fit and it doesn’t offer our community any benefits. We have and will continue to express our opposition to New Leaf Energy to locate the solar farm elsewhere more suitable. 

Ralph and Anita Harris 

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