When will North Street Press Club reopen?

Published 3:05 am Thursday, February 22, 2024

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When will the North Street Press Club reopen? That’s something The Herald has received multiple calls and emails about in the weeks since the popular restaurant has been shut down. It was Jan. 25 when the doors temporarily closed at the Press Club, located at 127 North Street in Farmville. Restaurant co-owner Jake Romaine said they want to be back up by the end of February, but that’s not set in stone. 

“We’re shooting for the end of February, but I can’t guarantee any dates yet,” Romaine said. “We’re trying to narrow that down. There’s a lot of things that need to happen. And just like with anything, when one thing gets pushed back, then everything else gets pushed back.” 

Romaine said it was a plumbing issue that caused the closure, a problem with some of the pipes. But it’s a case where repair work isn’t as simple as just replacing a pipe. Cleaning up the damage, including water damage, is taking some time. 

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“It’s one of those things where the cleanup is taking a lot longer and is a little bit more difficult to repair, so it’s taking a little bit more time than anticipated,” Romaine said. 

North Street Press Club: Glass half full

On the other hand, Romaine’s looking at this with a glass half full mentality, as he’s using the time being closed to do some renovations to the property. 

“We just wanted to take advantage of the fact that hey, we’ve got to be closed for an extended period of time,” Romaine said. “There’s certain things people will notice right away when they walk in, changes that could not happen when we were actually operating, so it’s pretty cool.” 

He’s just asking for a bit more patience, adding that he believes the changes will be worth the wait. 

“It’ll definitely be noticeable,” Romaine said.