Devotional: ‘Grace and justice’

Published 3:01 pm Saturday, February 24, 2024

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One of the biggest takeaways from the great tribulation described in Revelation, chapters 6-18, is the reality of justice from God. After 2000+ years of grace upon grace coming from the throne of God, it is almost shocking to witness this extreme justice.

Grace and truth must work hand in hand to bring order and give hope. God’s grace offers forgiveness, but it must be coupled with clarity concerning right and wrong, and repentance when laws are broken. In many ways God is withholding eternal judgment today, offering a chance to escape the strong grip of justice deserving hell. 

One of the hardest experiences in human existence is wicked, unchecked abuse towards our fellow man. As we see this injustice grow, we will welcome the Day of the Lord, where all wrongs will be judged, and punishment carried out accordingly. 

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Bringing a stop to a demonic serial killer is still celebrated by most people in our country today, but evil hearts now permeate much of our government, undermining justice. As we search out many other countries around the globe, we find perhaps, even greater wickedness than our own. 

Revelation 15-16 describes the climax of great 7-year tribulation, where justice will be fully carried out. Mankind is forgiven, or damned forever. 

Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart’s. May many souls seek forgiveness, and may the church look up with great hope and anticipation, for our redemption draws near. The great judge is also the gracious God who forgives, but as in the days of Noah, only until the door of the ark closes.

Marv Fisher is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Farmville. He can be reached at