Harbor Freight project moves ahead in Prince Edward County

Published 3:40 am Monday, January 8, 2024

The Wawa in Prince Edward County is about ready to start construction. The same goes for the car wash going up on the same property. But there’s a third project in the same area that’s also attracted interest, as a Harbor Freight will be moving in. 

Now this one is a bit different from the other construction projects going up in Prince Edward County, as it has a much faster track. That’s because in order to get built, Harbor Freight still has to get permits, but they don’t need to go before any groups for approval. The business is going in front of the corner of Lowe’s, where Dominion Drive is. For that zoning district, a business like Harbor Freight is a use permitted by right. It means once an applicant meets the requirements and checks off all the boxes, they can move forward instead of waiting on a vote. And the Harbor Freight developer, Twin River Capital LLC, has done all that. 

“They have a stormwater and erosion control permit,” said Prince Edward County Planner Robert Love. “They have a zoning permit. It’s been worked through the administrative review. It does not come to the planning commission or board (of supervisors).” 

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At the present time, Love said, the only thing left is to finish the architectural plans to get a final building permit. 

“As far as zoning, that’s absolutely approved,” Love said. “They have everything they need.” 

While it may have started soon after the Wawa, the Harbor Freight building may be finished first. Construction is expected to start within the next month, weather permitting and assuming everything gets filed on time. 

Looking beyond Harbor Freight construction 

Wawa isn’t too far behind. Love pointed out that work has already started, with trees being cut on the Wawa lot to clear space. With all of the approved projects set to begin construction, Love said he’s looking forward to the point when the community can see all the work. 

“I can’t wait until spring, when all this landscape will be shining,” Love said. “It kinda sets a benchmark where developers see we’re trying to preserve the historical styles.”